I am extremely grateful to Helen who has been a fabulous source of knowledge and savvy technical know-how.
She has given me step-by step, practical help as well as ongoing support and encouragement with my ecowoman business. Helen is genuinely passionate about helping people succeed in their business ventures.
Helen is a real gem and I would highly recommend her expertise...thanks Helen!

Amy Bishop  - Ecowoman


Helen provided me with her expertise to set up my business blog, face book page and a Twitter page. I am completely computer illiterate so it was fantastic to have Helen beside me every step of the way. She was incredibly patient and friendly. She has continued to provide me with fantastic support and I would highly recommend her to anyone who was looking for this type of thing in addition my blog looks great and I have learnt loads. Thanks Helen!

Celestina Sumby - Vida Textiles


Thank you so much for your good work setting up our social media for the tour of Biography of My Skin. You have been clear, focused and quick to respond! A pleasure working with you.

Stuart McKenzie & Miranda Harcourt - Biography of my Skin


I really admire Helen for her commitment to her family,community, planet and her creativity. She is a giver - full of abundance - and I am so glad I know her.

Shelley Gardner - Sweet William



Helen is rockin', funky, feisty, creative, clever and has immaculate taste. You should check out her blog for daily tidbits of goodness!

Helen Lehndorf - Unravel


Helen is such an inspiration to me and is always there to spur me along and get me creating! You are an awesome sewer which I would love to be and so creative and artistic with every craft you do. The way you 'word your words' is beautiful.

Carmen Slater - An Open Book



Helen embodies (in a quiet way) more skills than many of us twice her age, and over time it becomes clear that she is especially gifted with people, getting the facts, and the process of production. Helen is very tenacious about getting things right. She can filter out the slough. She can cope with the occasional dead-end. She’s tougher than she looks. Helen has exemplorary skills in both publishing and bookselling. Combine these with her grace, intelligence and humour and you have a rare gem in the world of books.

Tilly Lloyd - Unity Books